Welcome to Euroslitter

What characterizes us is the dynamism, the innovation and the maniacal attention toward every particular. What makes us special is the ability to suit every realization for the productive demands of our customer, involving him in the decisional choices, analyzing together every possible actual and future demand that the market looks out. Only so they we are able to get the maximum yield and the maximum efficiency. Euroslitter is integral part of the business of our customer not a simple supplier.

Our production

Cut-to-length lines

In this particular typology of lines is very important understand the material characteristics in work and the customer’s individual needs. Euroslitter can answer to any customer’s individual needs thanks to the continuous investing in research, training and technology.

Strips packaging lines

Packing lines are the natural continuation of slitting lines. After the coils are unloaded from the coiler, the packing lines allow their handling, in order to carry out the operations for their storage.

Slitting lines

The project criterions for our slitting line, not consider only the elevated speed of production (up to 400 m/min) but also and above the whole reduction of the production dead times. Our production lines are a concrete answer about the market request regarding the sturdiness, technology and innovation …

Special applications

With regard to coils cutting and handling equipment, EUROSLITTER can satisfy any customers’ requirements with single-unit machines or custom made lines. The analysis of the problems, made together with the customer, allows us to design and build special applications.