Cut-to-length lines

In this particular typology of lines is very important understand the material characteristics in work and the customer’s individual needs. Euroslitter can answer to any customer’s individual needs thanks to the continuous investing in research, training and technology. Many experience and ductility of our technical department complete our winning proposal, as:

  • Levelling machine fourth and sixth type (for thickness from 0,2 up to 25,0 mm)
  • Rotary shear (for thickness up to 8,0 mm)
  • Tilting rotary shear for trapezium and rectangles (for thickness up to 3,0 mm, width up to 2100 mm)
  • Flying shear (for thickness from 6,0 up to 25,0 mm)
  • Mechanic and magnetic stacker with single or double box for steel
  • Vacuum stacker for aluminium and stainless steel